Portable Winch Self-blocking Pulley

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Capacity: Up to 1850 lbs
Material: Anodized aluminium
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  • Capacity : Up to 1850 lbs
  • Material : Anodized aluminium

The self-locking pulley was especially designed for rescue operations. However, it most certainly can be used in forestry, hunting our industrial applications as well. It features a brake cam system which allows the rope to go through freely in one direction and blocks it in the other direction. The spring-loaded cam can be disengaged by pulling a release cord. The 62 mm diameter aluminum pulley is mounted on self-lubricating bushing and stainless steel axle. The swing sides are also made of anodized aluminum.

This pulley can also be used as a regular pulley. You simply have to lock the brake cam in the open position using the provided pin.

Use one of our carabiners (PCA-1701 or PCA-1702) to attach it.

Ideal rope diameter: 12 mm.

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