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Heat levels: Dimmer
Color: Black
Thumb warmer included: No
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  • Heat levels : Dimmer
  • Color : Black
  • Thumb warmer included : No
  • Fits on : Motorcycle
  • Switch type : Push

Integrated controller

The built-in controller allows the rider to effortlessly control the temperature of their HotGrips® without removing their hand from the grip.

Intelligent heat setting memory

This innovative function stores the previous heat setting and defaults to this at power-up, saving time when in regular use.

Responsive heat settings

The thermistor reacts to temperature changes in the environment and adjusts the heat output accordingly, maintaining the selected temperature setting. The multi-coloured LED clearly displays the thermistor controlled temperature setting before dimming - to reduce distraction whilst riding
  • High 45o
  • Med 40o
  • Low 35o

Battery saving modes

If you forget to turn the switch off, the HotGripsTM will do it for you, protecting against flat batteries. HotGrips® Pro also offers an additional battery saving mode for lithium batteries, now common on high-performance motorcycles.

Waterproof design

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