DRC/ZETA/UNIT DFG Module Moto Bag 7.5 L

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DRC/Zeta/UnitSKU: 428390

Bag Type: Tail Bag
Color: Black
Number: 428390
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  • Bag Type : Tail Bag
  • Color : Black

  • Custom capacity in any combination. Highly feature touring bag
  • Waterproof touring bag in 7.5L, 15L and 30L size
  • Two sets of loading belts are attached to each bag
  • The module Moto pack come in three different sizes and can be combined with each other or with attachments to customize the total capacity to your preference
  • High-strength Nifco made buckles are used
  • The inner bag is waterproofed to protect the luggage from rain
  • Can be used as a side bag by combining it with a side bag base (sold separately)

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